Faster bet cycles to create more betting opportunies

Betradar’s new Rapid Markets offers a more thrilling live betting experience on the top tier soccer leagues and tournaments as well as the major US sports.

Soccer – working in 1 minute intervals, x:00 – x:59, a soccer match will now offer a minimum of 90 intervals per market.

Rapid Markets is available for events such as goals, corners, bookings and penalties and currently covers major European leagues as well as domestic and international cups and tournaments, including UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup.

US sports – offering markets in the top American sports leagues, the action is covered play by play with over 10 different type of markets.

Rapid Markets is available for events such as scoring type, total yards gained and result of next pitch across the NBA, NFL and MLB.

The increased number of betting opportunities makes punting on a live matches even more entertaining, and from a bookmaker’s point of view generates a higher turnover.




Product Highlights

Significant higher number of live betting opportunities for top tier soccer matches

Casino style betting allowing faster settlement, leading to higher bet frequency and turnover

Keep players engaged throughout the entire match with new bet cycles available every minute

Perfect for betting on any device, especially on Mobile

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