The best live streaming portfolio for betting

Our award-winning Live Channel product family gives you the largest, most diverse live video streaming portfolio in betting.

Get video streams for over 400,000 live sporting events a year, including all Bundesliga matches, ITF Tennis tournaments, NBA, MLB, NHL and many of the top events and leagues from 17 different sports.

We offer a true 24/7 streaming portfolio. So no matter when your customers visit your sportsbook, they’ll always get a variety of great streams to choose from. Live streams help generate interest in more sports and leagues, attract new customers, strengthen loyalty, and ultimately drive revenues. Read our case studies, to see the effects of streaming

A great audiovisual experience is a game-changer for your sportsbook. Combine live streams with innovative additional AV products like Live Channel Promotion (LCP) or emBET and find out what we mean when we say “Get more from streaming”.

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Our content portfolio includes top tier sports leagues and federations such as

Live streams across 17 different sports




 Ice Hockey




 Beach Volleyball

 Table tennis






 Electronic Leagues



Product Features

Over 400,000 live events per year

Live sports during on- and off-peak hours with seven days a week coverage

Low latency signal that provides the best possible live betting set-up

One integration guaranteeing access to the entire portfolio of media rights


Award-winning Live Streaming


Proven live streaming impact

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SuperSport significantly boosts engagement with a diverse catalog of 24/7 live streaming experiences

MaxBet experienced +400% growth in pay ins with engaging live streaming content


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