Validate your professional expertise

Betradar’s product portfolio is constantly evolving, technology is moving forward and customisation is the norm. As a result of the increasing product complexity in the betting industry, we decided to introduce our own user certification program.

The certification program is designed to offer a full know-how transfer of our innovative services and solutions and to provide product users with a deeper understanding of Betradar’s advanced tools, features and feeds.

Betradar’s tools and applications have become the worldwide betting industry standard. The Betradar User Certification Program will optimise the user’s experience by providing a reliable method of ensuring and constantly improving the product user’s knowledge of our product portfolio. It enables our clients to gain a competitive advantage by developing a skill set that is in demand while certified user’s stay up to speed on the innovative betting solutions from Betradar as well as with the latest technology developments of this industry.


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Product highlights

Deliver higher quality by ensuring the improved knowledge of the Betradar’s product portfolio

Take full advantage of all of Betradar’s features and tools

Boost your employees’ skills by enabling them to participate in individual training programmes

Benefit from an increased productivity of your employees by a more efficient workflow due to better knowledge of our system

Improve the credibility of your brand among the industry through Betradar certified employees

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Please contact us if you want to apply for the certification program or if you require further information.