The next level of making data transmission simple, fast and comfortable

Unified Odds Feed is a new way of data delivery, which enables customers to access all the data Betradar supports in a fast and consistent manner. Different XML feeds that require multiple integrations are a thing of the past, as the UOF unites all the different feeds.

Furthermore, the feed will work in conjunction with Betradar’s entire betting products, from Life Cycle of Odds and Live Odds to Virtual Sports Betting and Managed Trading Services.

Integrate the feed “free of charge” and benefit from:


Harmonised sports betting data that provides a faster and more comfortable service handling

Accelerated data transmission that increase efficiency and flexibility in your trading

Simplified integration processes that save you time and costs

Harmonised betting data feeds across different services

So far, pre-match and live odds data were provided via two different XML feeds and were therefore inconsistent even if they were related to the same tournament or match. The Unified Odds Feed includes information of both services; Life Cycle of Odds and Live Odds, offering several advantages:

  • Consistent Data Structure: same format and IDs for pre-match and live odds data
  • Better Price Accuracy: provided via UOF, live odds can also be used for pre-match offers from up to 15 minutes before the official starting time of the event
  • Flexibility on Bet Settlement: the UOF enables you to choose between post-match and in-play results to settle your bets even faster



Faster data transmission and updates

When querying data updates of specific changes from the Betradar system, customers have always received a complete update of all data (even non requested). With the new way of transmission, this belongs to the past:

  • Faster transmission: only data that is requested will be sent – static information such as translations are not included
  • Real-time updates: thanks to small data packets, updates are made instantaneously



Faster integration of future services with minimised financial expenses

Instead of complex and costly integration of each individual service, customers can integrate Unified Odds Feed once and then add further services fast and efficiently to their system.

  • Simplicity of integration: less work on client’s side as all services use the same transmission and can be setup immediately
  • Future proof technology: all new Betradar products will be developed to work via the UOF to guarantee top quality data in the fastest and most effective manner


Products and Services available via Betradar’s Unified Odds Feed

supported soon:

How to access the Unified Odds Feed

Betradar Unified Odds ensures you can uniformly access all odds for all events (matches, races, outrights) that Betradar supports, in a consistent and fast manner. There are two ways to access Betradar Unified Odds related information: either through the Unified Feed Software Development Kit (SDK) library in Java and C#, or directly at the protocol level. The preferred and recommended mechanism is the Unified Feed SDK, as it helps simplify protocol handling; in particular, things like caching of descriptive localized meanings of markets, outcomes, players, teams etc. Unless fine-grained control is a requirement, you can focus on the SDK and can safely disregard the protocol specification.

Get the latest documents and updates about Betradar’s Unified Odds Feed SDK here.


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