CORAL excited to launch Betradar Virtuals

Coral, one of the UK’s leading sports betting operators, has today announced that it has launched Betradar’s Virtual Gaming services through its online and mobile betting channels.

Betradar’s suite of Virtual Gaming products include tennis, basketball, horse and dog racing, as well as various football versions that have been adapted to mirror a number of different competition formats, including Football League/Tournament Mode and Euro Cup Mode.

Speaking about the new partnership with Betradar, Sportsbook Director at Coral Keith O’Loughlin said: “Betradar have really impressed us with their rapid growth and continuing innovation across their suite of virtual products, while at the same time remaining fully focused on ensuring the most realistic user experience possible. We are excited to now be able to offer this to our customers”.

Betradar Managing Director Virtual Gaming Neale Deeley added: “Coral is a household brand and is widely accepted as one of the best operators in the business. We are delighted that all Coral’s customers will now be able to experience and enjoy our range of virtual sports and competitions.”

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