A new kind of viewer experience

We’re harnessing revolutionary new AI, Machine Learning and Computer Vision technology to change the way fans watch live sport.

Our tech analyses live video at up to 120 frames a second, and collects information from each frame.

It then transforms the data into 3D animations – like ball speed, bounces, heatmaps and more – all in real time.

A seamless integration of the virtual and physical worlds

Boost viewer numbers, engagement and live bets with a whole new augmented streaming viewing experience.

Mind-blowing, real-time 3-D animations and graphics will transform your streams. Show new angles and perspectives to immerse viewers like never before.

Watch the videos on this page to see some augmented streaming samples and contact us for details.



 Live Streaming Brochure

Coming soon…

We have lots of exciting new computer-vision products on the way, including:

 Virtual Advertising – contextual, customisable real-time digital assets like animations and LED boards

 Quick Bets – combining augmented streaming with AI data collection and micro-betting for maximum engagement.


Our highly-experienced team is pleased to personally deal with your enquiry.