The Bayes esports data report 2020, supported by Sportradar

Defining data is important to anyone working in the esports industry. Data is the foundation for products that are purpose-built for user engagement, and data serves as a key component to various forms of monetization for organizers, right holders and consumers (through betting companies).

“Data is the pipeline for creating value in esports.”

As a data company, Bayes provides and assists with whatever we can improve in the industry. This means understanding the market needs and regional differences and finding avenues in which data can help create a stable and fair ecosystem.


The first thing to consider when discussing how data is revolutionizing the future of esports is that data itself doesn’t just involve statistics and scores. Data is a collection of purely raw and unorganized facts, which can be purified and structured into information.

Understanding that data includes…

What you will find inside

The Bayes esports data report 2020 clearly explains how to maximise the value of esports data. In the report, you will learn about:

  • The top 10 challenges the esports industry is facing
  • The difference between esports data and traditional sports data
  • Emerging esports data trends from our joint venture, Bayes Esports Solutions


Additionally, the report includes interviews from Bayes with the industry’s leading experts, such as ESL, Pinnacle, TOKIGAMES and Shadow, so you can gain access to their firsthand insights about esports data as well.