Upgrade your expertise – Get Betradar certified.

Bookmakers around the world use a variety of technology solutions. For a hassle-free experience, bettors need your services to be compatible with those technology solutions. Issues bookmakers encounter when trying to deploy and implement Betradar products, when getting technical support, or when trying to self-assess the overall health of their system lead to frustration and calls to your support team.

Betradar Certification eliminates these issues and improves your customers’ experience by providing support and verifying that your services interoperate with the leading betting and gaming solutions from Betradar. Betradar Certification is a free program with an easy-to-follow process. At the same time we would also like to offer certified partners an advantage in the market. Certified Software providers are granted the use of “Certified Partner” logos and certificates for advertisement and marketing purposes and are officially recommended by Betradar.

Benefits of Betradar Certification


Get technical support when it matters the most

Badges to use in your marketing materials and links from our site

Promotional opportunities to a large potential customer base

Reduced deployment issues – we verify your service’s interoperability so your customers’ experience is seamless

Betradar will work with you on releases of new products to ensure easy integration and compatibility

Ongoing compatibility with Betradar’s leading betting and gaming solutions

Find the right Betradar certification

With our certifications, we assure that the software provider has implemented our products in a way that assures best performance for the end user. This also implies having products implemented technically correctly and within our technical guidelines. The verification and validation of the client’s software application or program requires a professional software testing process. Currently you can choose from the following Certifications:


Pre-match Betting Solutions

Live Betting Solutions

Managed Trading Services

Live Channel Online

Live Channel Retail

Gaming Solutions

Remote Game Server



Gold Certification

In addition to our basic certification, we also offer a Gold Certification to software providers who successfully pass the Pre-Match, Live Betting, Managed Trading Services, Live Channel Online and Gaming or RGS evaluation and comply to Betradar’s advanced requirements!

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