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February 2017

Best performance for your sportsbook with lowest risks for your operations!

As competition in the sports betting market intensifies and margins decline, Managed Trading Services (MTS) provides an effective liability management service for sports betting operators to simplify their daily work whilst strengthening competitiveness and reducing operational risks.

Using big data and in-house developed technologies and mathematical algorithms, we are able to bear 100% of the risk. Thus, we make sports betting no longer a volatile or risky proposition, which is of interest especially for new market entrants.

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Benefit from 100% risk-free trading done by Betradar

Using big data and a large pool of bookmakers that are already signed to Managed Trading Services, allows Betradar to model and price in a completely different way to the market standard. Therefore, Betradar now has the commercial ability to bear 100% of the trading risk, and this no longer makes sports betting a volatile or risky proposition.



Reduce your costs significantly

With Managed Trading Services, bookmakers have the same access to Betradar’s extensive odds and data offering without all of the technology, people or fixed fees previously needed to support it.



Freeing up resources

With Managed Trading Services, you are able to outsource your trading and risk management either completely or in part only for certain leagues where the effort is disproportionate to the return. Thus, you can reallocate resources into more lucrative segments without losing the competitiveness of your portfolio.



Take advantage of our leading industry expertise

Managed Trading Services is centred around a 100+ strong team of industry-experienced personnel, supported by Betradar’s own proprietary trading and risk technology, all dedicated to supporting B2C operators with the day-to-day running of their Sportsbook, in a cost-efficient manner.


Over 90 bookmakers are now much bigger than they could have ever been on their own, since signing up to our Managed Trading Services. Don’t miss the opportunity to become the next one as part of our aggregated sportsbook and increase your turnover and offering (without additional fixed costs or resources) right away!

For more information and details, please visit our newly created MTS website.


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