Answering match related questions with bets

Provide your customers with valuable information at the right time and ask topic related questions to increase the frequency of bet placing.

Engaging questions and interesting statistical facts can give punters the momentum and the  confidence they need to place another bet.

Enrich the betting experience and offer users answers that act as an effective call to action, linking directly into your bet slip.


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Product Highlights

Historical facts about team performances such as losing and winning streaks, scoring averages etc

Odds integrated into answers acting as call to action buttons

Match related  information that helps punters form a strong opinion about probable match events

Clever algorithm to push the right question at the right time

Encourages impulsive bets by eliminating indecisiveness

Engaging gamified/quiz approach to betting




The core of this widget is a sophisticated algorithm that takes into account statistical information about teams and athletes from previous performances, in order to create entertaining infographics and interesting questions before the match and after certain scenarios during the match.


1.) Valueable information

Triggered by pre-match statistical facts or in-play event

2.) Engaging visualisations

Clear infographics to present the statistical facts

3.) Carefully designed questions

Encourage placing more bets and link answers directly to your bet slip

4.) Real-time odds

Display odds associated with answers to the before stated question

5.) Betting Market display

1 Pre-Match
Phrases formed before the match, based on statistics of previous matches


MAN scores 2.3 goals in avg. when playing at home and CHE 3.6 goals when playing away.


2 In-Play Triggered
Phrases and questions triggered by in-game events and situations

Strongest periods of both teams are yet to come. MAN scores 2.3 goals in avg. and CHE 3.6 goals.


Betting stimulation features

 Thousands of valuable pieces of  statistical information (pre-match and in-play)

 Team, player and even referee related statistical facts with carefully designed questions and answers that act as very effective call to action

 Algorithm which determines, prioritises and triggers questions based on match timing and multiple in-play event combinations.

 Questions and answers linked directly to your bet slip, gamify the betting experience.

 A large number of  betting markets including Totals, Handicaps, Correct Scores, Next Goal Scorer and many more.

 Available as a stand alone widget  embedded into any website or inside the Live Match Tracker (LMT) visualisation.



Integration into the EC 2016 Live Centre

Stand alone widget inside the EC 2016 Live Centre

Integration into the Live Match Tracker


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