Market leading sports-data services for your sportsbook

Punters are becoming increasingly demanding and expect even more entertainment from betting sites; and this is what our market leading betting stimulation tools cater for – while also providing customers with all the information they are looking for.

Whether you prefer ready-made all-in-one solutions or individually designed, custom-made solutions, our innovative portfolio of sports visualisation tools can be tailored to perfectly suit your needs.

All content solutions present historical and live data in an appealing and intuitive design; ensuring punters stay longer on your site and generate more clicks and revenue.


Product Highlights


Dedicated sports visualisation tools to enhance your user’s betting experience

Valuable and entertaining bet stimulation tools to increase your turnover

Available across multiple media platforms to meet punter’s “access anywhere” expectations

Unlimited customisation options to perfectly suit your needs and to make your customers “feel at home”

Advertising and promotion options to direct your user’s attention to new betting opportunities

All products are available as Betradar hosted solutions and via XML feed for direct integration

Betradar’s collection of Sports Content Solutions


Statistics Centre

The most comprehensive statistical service offered in the market, covering more than 1,900 tournaments across 40 sports, including over 500 soccer competitions.


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Live Sports Centre

The brand new Live Sports Centre for Soccer, Basketball and Tennis entertains your customers with comprehensive and bet-stimulating live content for all top leagues and tournaments.


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Live Match Tracker

The ideal complement to boost any sports-betting offer, providing in-depth and graphically enhanced live sports content for the most popular sports in the world.


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Live Score Solutions

Provide your customers the latest live scores from a broad range of sports on multiple media platforms. Betradar’s Live Score Solutions provide a point-by-point real-time coverage for more than 700 tournaments.


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Sports Data Widgets

Enrich the attractiveness of your sportsbook. Betradar’s Sports Data Widgets serve your users with a broad range of entertaining and uniquely designed online tools for the most popular sports in the world.


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Probability widgets

Calculated based on a wide range of statistical information the probability widgets will give the punter a greater sense of control and thus help to facilitate betting decisions.


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Betting Stimulations

Provide your customers with valuable information at the right time and ask topic related questions to increase the frequency of bet placing.


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Are you ready to take your social media game to the next level? Then check our best-in-class social media visualisation tool!


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Data-driven marketing services, designed for betting operators


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