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Cricket is followed by over 2 billion people globally, making it the second most popular sport in the world. The growth of Twenty20 cricket is bringing a new, betting-focused audience to the sport. More than twice as much money is matched on betting exchanges for main cricket matches than for main football matches. For bookmakers, the potential growth in their cricket income is enormous.

Betradar’s new Premium Cricket product is designed to help bookmakers unlock this vast potential, providing them with the perfect blend of accuracy, consistency and control; ensuring we deliver the highest quality prices and services to bookmakers. Investment in expert staff, real time scoring feeds and continuous innovation sets our product apart from the competition.

premium cricket

Product Highlights


Over 900 live games per year

200+ pre-match markets and 250+ in-play markets

Exceptional pricing quality and liability management

Real time in-venue pricing updates

Full event creation, settlement and closure

Premium Cricket – a service that convinces by its figures

Cricket is a complex sport whose characteristics make it difficult to create a reasonable and convincing betting portfolio. However, with our extensive experience in the sports betting industry, and focusing on specialization, speed and information, we have created a second-to-none service that raises Cricket betting to a new level.


More Betting Opportunities
We offer 250+ live and 200+ pre-match markets, for 900+ games per year.

Rapid Settlement
Our systems have been designed to result every market, pre-match and live as soon as the result can be verified, including rolling resulting so customers don’t have to wait for a market to close if their bet has already won.

Attractive Pricing
Our highly accurate models and systems allow us to be more adventurous with our prices and give bookmakers the confidence to use smaller margins and larger stake limits.

Lowest Suspension Rates
Our models automatically adjust prices in response to on field action so there is no need for unnecessary suspensions. Our main markets are active 99% of the time.

Quickest to Market
When a realignment is needed, for example when a wicket falls, we will be back out with all of our main markets within ten seconds – by far the quickest around!

Original Markets
Our team love producing new and exciting markets, including ‘Last Man Standing’ and ‘Rabbit Runs’.





*The amount of each match where any of the main markets are temporarily suspended due to on-field action
**The amount of a match where all of the main markets are available
***The length of time taken for all of the main markets to return after a wicket

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