Efficiently operate your own in-running trading

Betradar’s Live Scouting Service is the perfect information source to operate your own in-running trading. Thanks to our in-house developed technology, we can provide extremely fast, accurate and secure data transmission.

The Live Scout Client presents a wide range of live match information, such as attack visualisation and positional data of all the on-pitch action for soccer via icons and overlays. Live odds, in-depth live statistics and individual view settings round off an immersive live sports experience to operate and optimise your own in-running trading.

Betradar’s Live Scout Client offers a wide range of live match information with several configuration options so you don’t miss any of the action.


Product highlights


Trade your betting markets in-house, based on Betradar’s live scouting information

Set your own individual user configuration settings

Alerts for all important match situations, including bet stop, bet start and dangerous attack – delivered with live statistics

Acoustic signals, spoken alerts, pop-ups and different colour schemes inform your traders to stop accepting bets

5,000+ local data journalists worldwide guarantee highest accuracy and speed

Product Showcases

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