Trading Tools – 7 million odds updates every two minutes and 30,000+ schedules

Betradar’s Trading Tools monitor odds and starting times for almost all bookmakers around the globe. Several modules enable you to track over 7 million odds updates every two minutes and 30,000 plus schedules for more than 50 sporting competitions. With Trading Tools you receive a sophisticated, real-time risk management and market monitoring tool with automated alerts for your odds offers.


Product Highlights

Your odds and closing times will be compared to the whole betting market to minimise errors

Fully customisable interface for alerts, markets, sports and other relevant parameters.

Immediate alerts available via e-mail, SMS, pop-up or XML integration

Comprehensive alert system including detection of wrong results, open bets on matches already started, differences in odds and fixtures, sure bets, removed offers from other bookmakers etc.

Additional American Monitoring Service covers American football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey matches played in the US and Canada

Additional Service: Horse Racing Monitoring provides a complete market overview of all online fixed-odds and exchange betting offers

Mobile Supervision – get mobile, get closer!

Monitoring your alerts is now possible by logging in from anywhere you are. Mobile Supervision, available as an App for iOS & Android, is a lite version of the full online monitoring service. The most important alerts are available on your smartphone, with plans to expand the service to encompass all alert types. You can further streamline your alert list in the configuration and rearrange the order that they appear on your phone’s screen.

Betradar’s Mobile Supervision is available at no additional costs – just download the required version for your mobile device.


Mobile Features

Each event shows your own odds, average odds, max odds and, if available, Betfair’s lay odds

You can mark alerts as checked directly from your phone, or hotlist the match

All your alert configuration settings are derived from your online accounts, so the information will match what


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