Odds Calcuation – Update your odds with Betradar’s proven mathematical models

Betradar’s Odds Creator is an odds calculation web service that enables you to derive odds for a number of different markets within several sports, in combination with Betradar’s industry proven mathematical odds models.

Based on your 2way, 3way and Totals odds, all of your betting markets and trading operations can be automatically updated with Betradar’s Odds Creator – without any additional manual work. The Odds Creator provides the easiest creation and updating process of odds and betting markets possible.

Odds Calculation Process

Product Highlights


Automatically update all odds based on manual changes on your main markets according to your liability

Use Betradar’s market leading mathematical models for your complete side bet offering

Provide the vastest range of betting markets with Betradar’s Odds Creator

Open betting markets earlier than your competitor


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