Build to be the world leading betting & gaming platform

Build a complete turnkey solution with our captive sports betting and gaming platform – OPTIMAMGS™. Incorporating our full portfolio of market-leading betting services, the platform suite provides a one-stop shop for businesses, with the ability to supply and license across markets worldwide utilising state-of-the-art, high performance technology. Our platform can be uniquely set-up and fully customised to suit a range of different operators, enabling you to fully configure the system to suit your needs and existing processes.

With renowned online bookmaking and e-gaming companies across the globe already using OPTIMAMGS™, the platform has a demonstrated ability to process hundreds of millions of transactions per month through tens of thousands of licensed points of sales and several call centre facilities.

Our platform does not only cover a world-class Sportsbook Module as well as a truly performing Gaming Module but also provides you with a set of leading Business Intelligence and Reporting tools – powered by Oracle – that help you to take full control of your business.

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What you can expect

Modular Turnkey Solution – tailored to your needs and supporting your goals in the best possible way

Real Omnichannel Solution – to manage all distribution channel efficiently and effectively from one backend

World-Class Sportsbook Module – providing highest performance at any point in time

Hundreds of third parties integrations – to guarantee true betting excitement to your customers

Integral Player Management – to analyse, segment and control all player activity

Outstanding Trading and Risk Management tools via MTS – with full flexibility and control on all trading operations

Unrivaled Real time Analytics and Machine Learning – supporting you in taking the right business decisions at any time

Regulatory Compliance Support – to enable you entering new markets in the most convenient way

Continuous Improvements and Customisation – to always stay ahead from the competition

One-Stop-Shop Guarantee – every service part is controlled and managed in-house to guarantee highest performance and quality – 24/7/365

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