Pre-match betting on the largest pool of real world lottery draws

Numbers Betting is a comprehensive betting solution for online, mobile and retail betting shops that offers punters fixed odds betting on various markets and outcomes of over 29,000+ real lottery draws each month. The service provides retail visualization stream of real-lottery draws from 160+ different global lotteries, including over 100 real drum & ball based draws, over 60 RNG lotteries and 6 rapid lotteries with fast and frequent betting cycles delivered throughout the day.

Features of the retail visualisation include upcoming draws, countdown clocks, statistics and betting stimulation to entice customers, odds on various different bet types, continuous totalling of the balls drawn and number of odd/even balls drawn.

Numbers Betting is managed by a dedicated team, that has been set up only for this purpose, guaranteeing highest quality and security standards. Provided via Betradar’s Unified Odds Feed, the service ensures an easy and seamless integration.

Take your customers on a journey around the world by letting them place bets on the outcome of real world lotterydraws.



Product highlights

Unique service on the market – covering 160+ lotteries from over 70 countries

High lottery draw frequency, peak and off-peak – with 6,800+ draws per week

Up to 15 markets to bet on for each draw including special bets such as sum of balls range betting

Easy and convenient launch of retail visualization stream using a simple web browser

Six rapid lotteries with fast and frequent betting cycles delivered 24/7

Flawless control mechanism managed by a dedicated team guaranteeing highest quality and security standards


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