Take your retail betting shop to a new level – live sports streaming for your entire business hours

Live sports content is essential for your retail betting shop. More live sports signify more betting options for your clients and, consequently, increases your business turnover. With Betradar’s Live Channel Retail you will significantly increase the live sports coverage in your betting shop thanks to a dedicated live sports streaming channel for retail operations. Designed with a conscious focus on sports during off-peak hours, your betting shop can offer interesting live events throughout your business hours – all day long.          .
Betradar’s Live Channel Retail delivers a unique combination of live streams, live statistics and live odds – all on one screen to help drive more revenue to your business.

Let Live Channel Retail take your betting shop to a new level!

Product Highlights

Dedicated live sports channel for betting shops


Live entertainment all day long


Live Video + Live Odds + Live Data in one solution

Permanent betting stimulation

Increased brand awareness through customised channel

Easy integration into your betting shop / corner

Betting Suggestion Widget

The placing of bets has just become easier. Up to three popular betting markets can be displayed at a time. The depiction of popular betting opportunities directly on screen gives punters in the shops the opportunity to place a bet quickly and easily. The Betting Suggestions are triggered after important events in the match flow or based on timing e.g. after a goal in soccer or a break in tennis.

 Choose how many suggestions to show – up to 3 at a time
 Integrated call to action stimulates punters
 Customisable to your CI
 Shown for 10 to 15 seconds
 Available for soccer and tennis – more sports to come



Integration process – simplicity counts!

The streaming based Live Channel Retail does not require any additional technical hardware. It is available through all popular web browsers and can be integrated into any existing or new shop infrastructure.


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